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  • Low Cost Ways To Make Money Online

    Posted on March 28th, 2012 Tim No comments

    Low Cost Ways To Make Money Online

    Low Cost Ways To Make Money Online

    Many people have realized that they can turn their computer into a money making machine. There are many ways you can make money with your computer. This article will show you several low cost ways to make money on the net.

    Sell Products or Services Online
    You can set up an online store to sell a wide variety of products. However, it will cost you few thousands dollars to start an e-store. One way to start an online business with minimum capital is deal with drop ship wholesalers. So how drop shipping works?

    – A drop ship distributor is a wholesale company that will ship one product directly to your customer.
    – You don’t need to pay for an item unless it is sold.
    – You don’t store any inventory.
    – You don’t package and ship merchandise.
    – Your customer pays the retail price for the product to you and you pay the cost of the product to the drop ship distributor. The difference is your profit.

    Drop shipping system makes it affordable for anyone to start an online business due to the benefits it offers. EBay is the best place for you to start selling your products with drop shipping system. One strategy you can try is sell the similar items to the one that have attracted several bids in eBay. For instance, say you have opened an account with a cell phone drop ship dealer and ready to sell cell phone on eBay. You found that a Nokia 8810 cell phone have attracted 7 bids, so what you can try to do is list the similar item immediately with lowest price possible. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will make any money with this strategy. There are many more auction selling ideas you can find from the Internet which can help you make a steady income on eBay.

    This is actually one of the ways Timothy Ferriss recommended in his book The 4 Hour Work Week.  So far the best drop shipping product I have found that shows you step by step how to set up a profitable drop shipping business is Drop Shipping 4 Idiots.

    Drop Shipping 4 Idiots

    Be a Freelancer
    There are many freelance job sites consist of a long list of freelance job contracts. These freelance sites usually offer the following jobs:

    1) IT jobs (web-design, Jawa, PHP, script-installation, programming, graphic design and so on)
    2) Writing & Editing Jobs
    3) Administrative support (Data entry) & accounting services.

    You may join several freelance sites for free and start bidding for the projects and contracts that are right for you. You can also make extra money writing articles and essays. There are places and websites where you can sell your articles and essays for a price anywhere between $5 to 25 per article. Furthermore, there are forums and blogs offer to pay anyone who post message and article to their websites.

    Be an Affiliate
    Affiliates make money online by selling other people’s stuff. An affiliate earns commission whenever someone sent by him/her to his/her merchant’s website makes a purchase. Clickbank is one of the best places you can find an affiliate program to join because it is the largest e-book store and contains a ton of merchants looking for people to sell their e-books. The main task of affiliates is promote and advertise their merchants’ websites (affiliate links). One method to promote affiliate program is advertise on Google. To advertise on Google you’ll first need to open a Google AdWords account. You can start advertise on Google immediately after paying $5 account activation fee. Your cost of advertising is calculated in pay-per-click basis. Meaning Google will only charge you whenever someone clicks your text ad.

    If you are wanting to get in affiliate marketing and it is definitely one of the EASIEST WAYS to make money online and you can start making that money fairly quickly then I highly recommend checking out Kelly Felix and Mike Longs Bring The Fresh 2012 as it is by far the BEST affiliate marketing product around.

    Another good product that I recommend getting is Sara Youngs Easy Paycheck Formula she is a mother of 6 kids and yet she has still been able to generate a FULL TIME income online as an affiliate marketer and she shows you how to do it as well.  This product is very good and it shows you EVERYTHING that you need to do Step by Step.

    Paid Survey
    Taking online paid survey at home is an easy way to make money online as you don’t need any special skills and knowledge to complete paid survey job. In order to increase the money you can earn, you need to join as many market research and survey companies as possible. However you can’t expect how much money you will make monthly because you have no idea when a paid survey invitation will send to your mail box. Thus it is not an ideal way to make a wage but a great way to make some extra income for paying your monthly bills.

    Create An App

    This is not going to be for everybody but if you are into apps then you should definitely check out this FREE Video on how Trey Smith was able to earn THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by creating game apps it isn’t as hard as you may think.