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  • Offline Income System

    Did you know that you can generate a 6-figure income just by helping businesses develop an online presence? It’s true, not only is this opportunity extremely lucrative but there is VERY little competition to ever worry about!

    Imagine this for a moment:

    You contact a handful of local companies who could benefit by having an online website.

    These companies know nothing about the Internet much less internet marketing or advertising but they DO respond to the idea of maximizing their income and opening up their doors to fresh, new business.

    So you quickly negotiate a deal where you are paid a few thousand dollars for setting up their website and getting them online. YOU take this project, push it out to seasoned freelancers, sit back and collect the payment while not ever having to do a single thing but make the deal!

    If you don’t know how to do any of the actual work – you don’t have to! You just get paid for “brokering” the deal and hiring it out to professional developers, marketers and freelancers!

    This isn’t some pipe dream or fantasy – it’s a real life scenario that takes place all around you every single day.

    Savvy marketers and online entrepreneurs know that every offline business can benefit from taking things to the next level – exposing their business to a global audience of buyers.

    Once they present this opportunity to local businesses, they go into an absolute FRENZY anxious to hire anyone who is willing to help them.

    And this is where YOU come in.

    Introducing… Offline Assassin

    The Offline Assassin guide was written by a group of us who decided to give these strategies a real shot.

    We decided to focus 2 months of our time on penetrating the offline market to see just how viable it really was.

    Now with you this guide you can learn our offline money making techniques.

    These techniques are capable of making more money than ANYTHING else you have ever tried, and believe this.. It will be the EASIEST thing you ever do online!

    * Find out exactly how to set up your entire business without ever having to spend or invest a dime of your own money!

    * The fastest way to jam another $1,000 into your bank account this week PER client! (10 clients and that’s $10,000 minimum crammed into your bank account)

    * If you want to make $5,000 or more a month from a single client, you MUST do this (see Page 11)

    * The #1 most important component in every successful deal! (do NOT forget this if you want to triple your income and ENSURE client loyalty so they keep coming to YOU – see Page 18)

    * How to build a massive client list without having to spend any time cold calling or being turned down! (These strategies for for anyone who HATES selling)

    * The simple 2-minute offer that can generate $3,400 each month from just ONE client without you ever having to do any of the work!

    * The easiest way to instantly maximize your income by developing a ‘system” that has everyone else doing all of the work FOR you! (see page 22)

    * How to position yourself so that YOU are the “go to” guy for every local business in your area! People will be knocking down your door, desperate to hire you!

    * My insider strategy for generating recurring paychecks from every single client! (this strategy is NOT revealed anywhere else and is the fastest way to build a consistent 6-figure income!) – see page 34

    * Outsourcing

    And Much Much More!

    I am unleashing my insider secrets to making an absolute fortune with offline companies for the very first time.

    I have never revealed these industry trade secrets ever before but because there is NO concern over competition, i’ve decided to offer it to anyone who is interested in building a viable, scalable and FAIL PROOF business of their own.

    There are no risks involved in this opportunity because you only do the work AFTER you’ve been paid and using my personal “cash in and hire out” strategy, you don’t even have to do ANY of the work yourself and can STILL generate thousands of dollars in pure profit every single week!

    You can not let another day go by where you are losing out on such an incredible opportunity to make money, faster and easier than anything else you could ever possibly imagine!

    From building your client list to maximizing your income with an array of profitable services that EVERY business owner will be more than happy to pay you for, I will guide you through every step of the way within the Offline Assassin guide.

    These strategies are so drop dead simple that regardless of your experience or location you really can build a very profitable business just by replicating my proven formula.

    Even if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to growing your business, just by following my step by step guide you can begin to generate steady paychecks in no time at all, with just a couple of hours a week!

    These really are the closely guarded secrets that no one wants leaked out!

    ONLY $27, $17, $9 For a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

    P. S: You never have to “sell yourself” to make money with these strategies. Once word gets out, clients will come to YOU! In fact, you will have so many companies and entrepreneurs looking for help establishing an online presence that it’s likely that you will have to hire people just to handle the massive demand for your services!

    P.P.S: Listen, there is no sense in struggling to make money online or to compete against the thousands of other mainstream marketers who have solidified their place in every industry you even attempt to venture into.

    With the Offline Assassin, there is virtually NO competition standing in your way! You can start making money THIS WEEK just be following my proven strategies for securing more clients than you ever thought possible!

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