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  • Detailed Review of Mike Long and Kelly Felix Bring The Fresh

    Posted on December 31st, 2010 Tim No comments

    Mike Long and Kelly Felix

    If you are reading this most likely you are either interested in making money online or you have already begun your journey into internet marketing. More likely than not you have also heard of Kelly Felix and Mike Long who are two very successful online marketers who created Bring the Fresh. Mike Long has long been associated with Stompernet and Kelly Felix is best known as the character he created known as the Rich Jerk.

    Now if you are like me you have read the excellent copy of a website telling you that their offer will soon be expiring and that prices will soon be rising or that they are going to take the website down sometime within the next 24 hours in order to scare you into buying right then and there. So when I heard about Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s new website I was excited to see what they were offering and I mentally prepared myself to try and not be impulsive when I got to their site and make a purchase based purely off of their copy.

    So when I got to the website I was a little bit shocked to say the least. There was no scare tactic at all they said that the offer to join their site was still going to be there whether you wanted to make your purchase now or at a later date. They even made the offer that if you wanted to buy the BASIC Membership for $97 and then upgrade to the FULL DISCLOSURE at a later date for $200 more you could do that as well.

    It almost confused me after seeing time and time again the scare tactic of this is going to be available at this price for a limited time or the we are only going to be offering this product to the next 7 people and then you will never see this opportunity again crap. Instead these guys two of the most successful internet marketers were actually going against everything I had been taught about marketing and saying take your time in making this purchase we know it is a big decision we will still be right here when you are ready.

    Honestly I was a little nervous about making the $297 purchase but the more I read the copy and what seems to be a more humble and generous outlook on how to approach their potential customers I couldn’t help but make the purchase but to be on the safe side after having made one to many impulsive purchases I opted for the $97 package and figured if I liked it I would upgrade later.

    So amazingly after I make my purchase and log into the Membership Area the first thing I see is them telling me that basically they didn’t want to just make the sale and then have my email in their mailing list so that they could continue emailing offers to me from some of the other gurus that they are affiliated with. Instead they listed their Yahoo Group and gave me their email and stated that they wanted to hear feedback so that they can continue to provide as much help as possible. (Please Note they now have their own Bring The Fresh Forum which is even better than their original Yahoo Group.)

    Here is where I was blown away they actually listed both of their personal cell phone numbers and said that to make sure and text them first before calling to assure that they could be available to talk. They then said please don’t abuse it. Which I certainly hope people don’t so that option will still be there for those that need help. This alone to me is priceless and I am sure anyone who has bought either a useless product or an effective but complex one and you wanted to either call the creator of the product up and tell them how crappy it was or ask them some advice on how to best use it etc.

    I then skimmed through all of the videos and was I have to admit pleasantly overwhelmed with all of the excellent material. Now I would like to go through in detail of all that it includes but this article would be way to long. But instead I will highlight all of the features that I really like but trust me there is much more to the membership than what I am writing about.

    They include in the Basic Package

    Bring The Fresh Forum- You can actually have your questions answered by Mike Long and Kelly Felix in this forum, not to mention that there is a wide range of topics covered and a lot of forum members that you can form Joint Ventures with and get help from.  Many years ago the Rich Jerk forum was the place to be and somehow Kelly Felix and Mike Long were able to recreate that amazing experience at the Bring the Fresh Forum.

    A Fast Start Guide in PDF format that is filled with only helpful and insightful tips no fluff at all. (This guide is continually updated with new tips on a regular basis, which is very helpful since they are continually updating with new ways to improve your internet marketing skills.)

    Video after video filled with watching them do internet marketing or interview that will give you insight into

    Meta strategy

    Discussing their past successful sites in detail that they created

    Deal making,


    How they work

    How to use testimonials


    Google adwords

    Sales letters and as I said before there is way more but I think you get the point it is loaded with a lot of helpful content.

    The upgrade for the FULL DISCLOSURE PACKAGE has many features as well.

    This once again is just a sample of what it includes:

    Behind the scenes footage of Kelly’s SEO business

    Behind the scenes of 2 of Mike Longs 7 figure information marketing businesses

    Email Marketing

    Youtube Video Marketing

    And a ton of BONUS unannounced video’s

    In both package the video’s give the feel as if you were sitting in the room with two of your successful internet marketing friends and they were teaching all of their knowledge. What is wonderful is once again they give you their email and cell numbers and treat you the customer as if you are their friend it is amazing.

    There is not a doubt in my mind that their Bring the Fresh concept is brilliant and the future of this industry as more and more customers are getting tired of over hyped and under delivered products from the marketing gurus. This goes for the crappy copy and pasted recommendations that the marketing gurus we trust send to our inbox.

    After buying this and using it effectively I can say I trust these two with their future recommendations and products. I must say that I was initially skeptical that they were just putting on an act to make sales. But they over delivered on their product. I don’t care whether or not you are a newbie or a veteran of online marketing you will get more than your moneys worth.

    So if you had been wondering if Bring the Fresh is a scam and holding off on making your purchase then don’t hold off any longer and not because they are going to be taking their offer away but instead because you will be delaying your learning of how to be a better internet marketer. If you are still somewhat skeptical I encourage you to try the Basic Membership package and see for yourself with their 60 day money back guarantee and then upgrade when you feel comfortable.   For Bring the Fresh click HERE

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