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  • Easy Way To Start Making A Four Hour Work Week Income

    Posted on July 10th, 2011 Tim No comments

    The 4 Hour Work Week author Timothy Ferris and Rachel Rofe

    One of the easiest ways to start making money is by doing OFFLINE MARKETING!  You can literally get QUICK CASH as well as start to build a recurring income base, and believe it or not you most likely possess the skills that are needed to do this whether you realize it or not.  Even if you don’t have all the skills they can be easily outsourced and you can still turn a nice profit!

    The toughest part is finding customers for your offline services as well as deciding what services you are goin to offer.  This is why I am highly recommending Rachel Rofes NEW REPORT called Offline Marketing Success!

    Here are some reasons that I am recommending that you get Rachel’s Offline Marketing Success report:

    1.  It will tell you EXACTLY how you can attract good offline clients, if you don’t have a report like this then there is a good chance you are going to experience a few needless hurdles along the way like business owners who  are wanting your services yet not willing too pay the amount you deserve for them!

    2.  You will learn what types of services you can sell to potential offline clients.  A lot of people only offer 1 or 2 of these services but after reading this AWESOME REPORT you will find that there are a TON of ways to make money with offline clients!

    3.  Rachel Rofe has included just about anything and everything that you are going to need to be successful this includes a SAMPLE phone script, contract, direct mail letter, and more, she even provides links to her favorite resources, as well as to outsourcers that she has used including one that she is still using!

    4.  The Offline Marketing Successreport is ONLY $5 seriously it is WAY UNDERPRICED!  So if you are looking for a good way too make money I have no doubt that if you read this report as well as TAKE ACTION you can and will be able to increase your income doing OFFLINE MARKETING!

  • Detailed Review Of Imran Naseem’s Fanpage Dollars 3.0

    Posted on May 24th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review

    There is no doubt that Facebook is HUGE! Here are some facts that will show exactly how big Facebook has gotten just in case you have any doubt of how much potential there is too make money on Facebook.

    Facebook Facts:

    • 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook
    • 35+ demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base
    • 71.2 % of all USA internet users are on Facebook
    • In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook
    • 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up
    • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day

    Now the problem is creating a Facebook Profile and even a Facebook Fanpage is fairly simple.  Because of this most internet marketers are going to try and create a Facebook Fanpage, however most of them are going to make very little money if any at all.  This is because most internet marketers do not know EXACTLY how to set up a profitable Facebook Fanpage.

    Well internet marketer Imran Naseem is going to be releasing Fanpage Dollars 3.0 and if you have failed to make money with Facebook then you may want to try Facebook Fanpage 3.0 out, because Imran doesn’t just understand how to make money on Facebook in theory he has been doing it now for several years.

    Now let’s get into what you will get when you purchase Fanpage Dollars 3.0

    Fanpage Dollars Guide - Now it says in the Members are that the guide has 100+ pages. However the copy I have only has 62 pages so it could be that Imran Naseem has decided to cut out some of the fluff in the ebook or they may be adding even more content as I am looking at it before launch.  The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Guide as well as video’s give Real Life Examples and Case Studies of profitable Facebook Fanpages!

    The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Guide consist of 5 Modules, they are:

    Module 1 – Creating your Facebook page
    Module 2 – Monetising your Facebook page
    Module 3 – Driving Traffic to your Facebook Page
    Module 4 – Making money from your Fanpage
    Module 5 – Outsourcing your Fanpages on Autopilot

    All of the Modules are step-by-step and very detailed.

    A zipped file of Iframe Templates: Pretty self explanatory

    20 Video’s:

    I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who watches these video’s and applies what they learn will be able to FINALLY BE ABLE TO MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK!

    Here is a list of each of the Video’s:

    Video 1 – Getting Started
    Video 2 – Niche Research
    Video 3 – Fanpage Creation
    Video 4 – The New Facebook Fanpage Layout
    Video 5 – Power of Fanpage Images
    Video 6 – Fanpage Settings
    Video 7 – Fanpage SEO Secrets 3.0
    Video 8 – Fanpage Insight Secrets 3.0
    Video 9 – How to create a high converting landing page in 5 minutes!
    Video 10 – Creating a high converting opt in page
    Video 11 – Monetising Your Facebook Fanpage with content
    Video 12 – Driving Targeted traffic to your Facebook page
    Video 13 – How to drive cheap targeted traffic to your Facebook pages for Pennies!
    Video 14 – Result Of My Campaigns
    Video 15 – How to use the power of trend marketing and create Fanpages that generate 500 likes in 24 hours!
    Video 16 – How to get more interaction from your Fanpages
    Video 17 – How to make $50 a day on Complete Autopilot using FB Pages!
    Video 18 – How to set up an entire store on your Facebook Page
    Video 19 – How to sell PLR stuff on your Facebook Page
    Video 20 – How to set up triple streams of income on your Facebook Fanpage

    In addition to all of this content Imran Naseem is also including some pretty cool BONUSES and unlike a lot of the internet marketers out there who seem to be under the impression that including an OFFER to you for you too BUY through their AFFILIATE LINK of another recently launched IM product, Imran is actually giving you some TRUE BONUSES!

    Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Bonuses:

    Affiliate Espionage: Find Out Whats Selling

    Advance Copy And Click Fan Pages Including Easy Hidden Pages!

    Using Facebook To Run An Affiliate Program And Making It Go Viral!

    Advanced 1 Click List Building

    Now I have to be honest I have not personally been able to look over these BONUSES as I was able to get an early look at Fanpage Dollars 3.0 before its launch.  However Imran has assured me that these BONUS Reports will be up to his HIGH STANDARDS and will also include Video as well.

    Personally as I mentioned earlier while creating a Facebook Fanpage is fairly easy being able to create a profitable Facebook Fanpage is not UNLESS you have PROVEN step by step system that shows you exactly how to do it.  In my opinion Fanpage Dollars 3.0 will show you this.

    Facebook is just to BIG too ignore these days so if you are not already trying to promote Affiliate or CPA offers on Facebook then you definitely are missing out on making EASY MONEY! However if you think it is just as easy as setting up a Fanpage and then getting tons of fans of whatever niche your in purchasing from you or signing up for your CPA offers you are mistaken.  Now I will admit that I was able to set up a Fanpage in the past not really even knowing what I was doing and I did make quite a bit of money with it however trust me that is the exception and not the rule.

    With several of the so called “Guru’s” launching all kinds of WORTHLESS products such as Jani G’s Get FB Ads Free (please note that is a misnomer) and softwares that answer Yahoo Answers question it is nice to see a reputable internet marketer like Imran Naseem releasing a product like this that OVERDELIVERS!

    I would also like to add in that Imran Naseem is a CLASS ACT here is how much he cares about his customers, when an IM friend of his Jani G released what is considered by many to be ONE OF THE WORST IM PRODUCTS EVER called “Get FB Ads Free” Imran refused to promote it and even went so far as to tell his customers not only was he not going to promote this WORTHLESS product but that if they got emails from other so called “Guru’s” who apparently care more about making a COMMISSION off of promoting a horrible IM product than they do about their customers wasting their hard earned money on it, NOT TO BUY “Get FB Ads Free”

    Because of the fact that Imran cared more about his customers than getting a COMMISSION for promoting his friends product he was shunned by Jani G and his friend Stevie J!  Needless to say Jani G and several other friends of his will not be promoting Fanpage Dollars 3.0 which is going to cost Imran even more money.

    On top of actually CARING ABOUT HIS CUSTOMERS, Imran Naseem is also going to be donating a portion of his profits to CHARITY!  So not only will you learn how to actually MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK, you will also be able to THUMB your nose at the so called “Guru’s ” by helping Imran succeed despite them refusing to promote his product, and give to a charity as well!

  • Dan Brocks Deadbeat Super Affiliate Discount

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    There are several ways for anyone who is wanting to live the 4 hour work week lifestyle to accomplish it, however I have found that affiliate marketing is by far one of the easiest ways to do this.  Because it cost very little money to get started and does not require a lot of time either.  Now don’t get me wrong it does require you to TAKE ACTION but altogether it is very easy to start making money with very little time and effort and once that money starts to come in you can easily outsource the majority of the work and collect the paychecks.


    Dan Brock’s course Deadbeat Super Affiliate is one of the BEST PRODUCTS that I have found that shows you EXACTLY how to start earning money as an affiliate marketer.  I have recommended it to both family and friends who have told me that they would like to learn how to do affiliate marketing.  Well recently he has offered a discount on his Deadbeat Super Affiliate product.  So if you had been wanting to get it but didn’t have the money to get the course then you are going to want to check out his discount as well as the reviews from those who have purchased the Deadbeat Super Affiliate product, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE DISCOUNT:

  • Anthony Trister Coffee Shop Millionaire Detailed Review

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    CLICK HERE to get Coffee Shop Millionaire CLICK HERE

    CLICK HERE to see the BONUS PACKAGE for Purchasing Coffee Shop Millionaire!!!

    Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

    Anthony Trister Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

    When I heard there was going to be a launch of a product called Coffee Shop Millionaire, it intrigued me so I pulled some strings and was able to get a look into what this product was all about, so here is what you get when you become a member of Coffee Shop Millionaire.

    Before I begin, I have to tell you that this product is set up in a very unique way, it basically has self made millionaires telling how they were able to become exactly that.  Since there is so much content within this product I am going to try and tell you exactly about each section of the course but since there is so much that comes with this product I will not be able to cover all the specifics of Coffee Shop Millionaire, because it would make this article way to long.

    So here are all the sections that you will get if you become a member of Coffee Shop Millionaire, before I go further I think it is important for me to note that each of the video’s are Standard, High Def, and can be Downloaded in video, audio, or pod casting formats.

    Cash Machines Section – This is broken down into 4 parts and they are:

    Local Cash Machine – shows you how to make an extra $500 to $2000 as a local internet marketing consultant, this is a very easy to get going.  This does not even require cold calling or anything like that.   They even show you how to outsource if you do not want to do this yourself, and even though it is local they show you exactly how to do this in other cities as well.

    Newsletter Cash Machine- This shows you how to get money anywhere from about $1,500 to $3,000 a month by sending simple email newsletters to customers and subscribers and website visitors of an existing business.  Essentially it is list management, and the nice part is you are getting paid to leverage other peoples assets.

    Article Cash Machine - this shows you how to make money as a Freelance Article writer.  This shows you how to start out with no experience, no clients, etc. and how to start earning $5000 a month in income, very fast.  This is broken down into 3 parts 1. Brief introduction on article writing, success mindset, setting up “Tools of the Trade”  2.  How to quickly write and deliver articles.  3. How to get paying clients fast.

    Video Cash Machine- This shows you how to create 30 to 90 second promotion video for local businesses and exactly how to get this up and running.

    Million Dollar Launch Secrets Section - This is then broken down into 15 parts, each part is fairly self explanatory :

    Product Creation

    Army of Affiliates

    Art of Launches

    Getting Affiliates Excited

    New Partnerships

    Keys to a Mega Launch

    Launch Contest

    Launch Processes

    Meet Big Players

    Rolling Launches

    The Launch Schedule

    The Ultimate Product Pack – 21k System

    Underground Affiliates

    Upsell Path

    Webinar Replays

    Skill Set Video’s Section - This is then broken down into 3 parts that each then go into a lot of detail, that slowly builds up your knowledge of internet marketing:

    Beginner – Covers Fundamentals, Mindset, and Keyword Research

    Intermediate – This covers Blogging, Membership Sites, Million Dollar Sales, Traffic ( this includes Ad Swaps, Forum Marketing, Link Building, PPC, SEO, Podcasting, Press Releases, Video Traffic, JV Traffic.)

    Advance – This covers The Next Level, Advanced Webinar Replay

    The next section is Tech Tutorials - this section covers just about any technical question or problem that you may ever come across, it is broken down into 13 Parts:

    Registering Domains

    Hosting Setup

    Modify Content

    Autoresponder Setup

    Adding Audio and Video

    Adding Paypal Button

    Adding Clickbank Payment Button

    Blogger Setup

    WordPress Setup

    Upload using FTP

    PHP Redirect


    Ezine Article Submission

    The next section is Your PLR Library (pretty self explanatory)

    Bonuses Section – Kevin Wilke,  Now I am sure there is more coming in this BONUS SECTION, however I am getting a look at this product ahead of the actual launch so I am not completely sure what all of the bonuses are.

    Rolodex Section – Is divided into 2 parts they are:

    Rolodex – This has a list of basically all the RESOURCES that you are going to need in running a profitable and successful online business.

    Coffee Shop Millionaires Interviews - Once again I am getting a look before the actual release of the product, however this is where there are going to be interviews with people who have started out with basically a job at a Coffee Shop (hence the name for the product) and have made themselves into millionaires.


    PRO’s of Coffee Shop Millionaire:

    • They give you a complete model of how to start a profitable online business.
    • You can start setting up your online business by just doing it part time.
    • They give several ways for you to start making money online, so you do not have to follow just one way of starting to create an online income.
    • You can learn from real life examples of people who started essentially from where you are, and are now millionaires.
    • All of the ways that Coffee Shop Millionaire explains on how to start a successful online business, are very realistic and easy to implement.  So if you get this course and do not start earning money online, then the only person you have to blame is yourself for not TAKING ACTION.
    • Although this is a membership site, it will most likely save you money in the long run of things, this is because most people buy a product and then purchase another product as soon as they get an email in their inbox selling them on the newest way to start making money online.  However if you know that you already are going to be having a certain amount of income going towards your membership fee you are going to be less likely to purchase another product and stick with just this, which if you follow their easy directions you will be able to start earning money online.
    • The other upside is that since it is a membership site you are going to be getting the newest and best information, on internet marketing.
    • Coffee Shop Millionaire is perfect for both new and experienced internet marketers, because it covers each of the ways to make money online very well.
    • A lot of the income streams that Coffee Shop Millionaire shows you how to make can be outsourced either in the beginning or after you start to make money with it and can then afford to outsource it.
    • You get your money’s worth from the PLR Library alone.

    CON’s of Coffee Shop Millionaire:

    • It is a membership site, I am not usually very fond of sites that you have to keep renewing each month. (although you could get this product and then download all of the initial content and then unsubscribe from the site.)
    • There is so much information that it is possible that some may get information overload, however unlike most products where you are learning just one single system, you will be able to learn about several different ways to create an online income and some of these are very easy to start implementing right away.
    • As with most internet marketing products, experienced internet marketers may get bored with certain parts of Coffee Shop Millionaire, because they will already know some of the parts that are covered by this product.  However that is to be expected with most products in the internet marketing niche.


    Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very well put together product that will show you several different ways to start making money online, and very fast as well.  The nice thing about this product is that since it shows you how to create multiple streams of online income, you can get one stream of income flowing in and then start on another.

    It would be very realistic for someone to expect to be able to start earning a part time or even a full time income from what they learn from Coffee Shop Millionaire,  it is even quite possible to become a millionaire after you begin to take action and start creating multiple streams of income, from what you have learned with this product.  Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very good product for anyone who is serous about earning money online.

  • Michael Cheney’s My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Detailed Review

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    Michael Cheney of My Millionaire Mentor 2011

    My Millionaire Mentor 2011 was created by a Super Affiliate by the name of Michael Cheney. So when I had the chance to take a look at this new affiliate marketing product I was very interested to see whether or not his product would be worth the purchase price of $37.

    Now he claims in the copy of his sales page that to be an online millionaire you are going to need 2 things, they are

    1. The right money generating method, such as his Cash Catcher Method

    2. A mentor

    It then goes on to say that this product will give you both, so here is what you get when you access the My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Members Area.

    • Cash Catcher Bootcamp Intro Video - The “Cash Catcher Bootcamp” Wealth Session- a MP3 audio session, a PDF Mindmap, as well as a PDF Transcript.
    • A “MillionaireVision” Video - this video shows how to create a vision board, if you have never done a vision board then I highly suggest that even if you do not get Michael Cheney’s My Millionaire Mentor 2011 program that you learn how to create a vision board because they work.
    • The List Cash Catcher Intro Video - The “List Cash Catcher” Wealth Session- MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript- If you have ever heard the saying, ” the money is in the list” then you will know exactly how important it is to get a targeted list built so that you can sell over and over to people who are interested in your chosen niche and in this section you will learn how to start building a targeted list.
    • The “Burning Beliefs” Video- This video is very good because it shows you an exercise on how to eliminate your negative beliefs. If you were to ask any successful person how important having the right belief system was to them becoming successful, I assure you that they will tell you it made a huge impact. Trust me I have read the autobiographies of some very successful people and this is something that almost all of them had in common.
    • The Affiliate “Cash Catcher” Intro Video – The Affiliate “Cash Catcher” Wealth Session- MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript, PDF “Affiliate Cash Process Chart”
    • Project Overflow Video - This video shows you how to manage your projects and he does it with a cool demonstration that helps you better understand project management.
    • The “Easy Sales Cash Catcher” Intro Video – The “Easy Sales Cash Catcher” Wealth Session- MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript, A Bonus Ebook ” How To Create Killer Copy That Sells
    • The “Overcome Overwhelm!” Video- yet another amazing video that shows how to avoid a common problem for internet marketers and that is becoming overwhelmed not only by daily life but by trying to fit in the time to work on internet marketing as well as spend time with your family, friends, etc. If you take the advice of this video, then you will be able to eliminate a lot of stress out of your life as well be able to maximize what you are able to accomplish each day.
    • The “Traffic Cash Catcher” Intro Video – Obviously this section of the My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Members Area shows you how to start pulling in targeted traffic, because you are going to need traffic to start building a list and making sales.
    • The “Traffic Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript, Bonus Ebook “The Worlds Most Powerful Internet Marketing Secret
    • The “Millionaire Time” Video - This video shows you how to plan your time more wisely, if you do this then you can start achieving huge results within a short amount of time, because if you do it correctly you are going to have certain ACTIONS that you will take each day that will get you closer bit by bit to your goal. Think about this for a second, people come up with great idea’s for products, books, etc. each and every day. The difference between someone who thinks of an invention and someone who actually takes his idea of his invention and actually creates it and then becomes a millionaire is the MILLIONAIRE TOOK ACTION. This video shows you exactly how to start planning your day so that you can TAKE ACTION each day and eventually become an online millionaire.
    • The “Golden Cash Catcher” Intro Video – This section is going to show you how to make money from the people who already have the gold, basically the big guys in the marketplace, you learn how to leverage what they have and make money.
    • The “Golden Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript
    • The “Holy Mackerel!” Video – this video shows you how to not be like Batman and be in your Bat cave, this means how to start networking which is essential to your affiliate marketing success.
    • The “Hands Free Cash Catcher” Intro Video – you are going to learn how to make money hands free.
    • The “Hands Free Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript
    • The “Brain Cash” Video
    • The “Millionaire Cash Catcher” Intro - You will discover in this section how to think, act, and become a millionaire. This includes real example of what he did to become an online millionaire himself.
    • The “Millionaire Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript
    • The “Read and Grow Rich” Video – He gives a selection of books that have helped him become a millionaire and tells you how each of them helped him here is an example of some of the books that he mentions: Think and Grow Rich, 7 Strategies for Success and Happiness, E Myth, etc.

    As you can see by the list of what you get in the Members Area of My Millionaire Mentor 2011, Michael Cheney does exactly what he said he would do in his sales letter and that his show you an EXACT METHOD for how to make money online and MENTOR YOU. He shows you exactly what you need to do to start making money online and he does it through what is called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) modeling which is basically you imitate or model the behavior of someone who has been successful in a chosen niche such as by modeling their specific thought process, physiology, strategies, etc. that they used to make them successful to begin with.

    Think of it like this there may be a guy who is determined to create the perfect pie and he spends 10 years testing out various recipes and taking notes of what he did wrong as well as right, then after 10 years he creates a delicious pie that virtually everyone who eats it agrees is the best pie they have ever tasted. You would be able to either try over time to be able to recreate that tasty pie which could take you a bit less or even longer than it took him to create it or you could ask him to mentor you and show you how he does it and then follow each and everything that he does to create that same delicious pie. That is exactly what you are able to do with these video’s.

    You learn exactly what kind of mindset you are going to need to stay focused and motivated so that you can consistently TAKE ACTION each and everyday as well as what SPECIFIC ACTIONS you need to take so that you can start making money online in the shortest amount of time possible. I will admit that initially when I got into the Members Area of My Millionaire Mentor 2011, I thought here we go again another product that shows me exactly what I already know and that perhaps this would only be good for beginners in internet marketing.

    This however is good not only for beginners but those who already have been doing internet marketing for years as well. If you have been in the affiliate marketing business for years and you have not been able to make a full time income out of it then this is exactly what you have been needing to actually get you to actually earning a full time online income. This is because he shows you how to take what you already know, teach you even more, and then step by step how to implement it so that you start earning a full time income with an online business. The best part is that he shows you how to do this with audio, video’s, as well as with mind map charts and a transcript of the audio’s so that you can review them later.

    Then he has various video’s that help you understand a concept in a fun way as well as exercise video’s that help you gradually develop an online millionaire mindset. I highly recommend My Millionaire Mentor 2011 for anyone who is not an online millionaire, this includes those that are new, have been in the affiliate marketing field for a few months to several years, or even those that consider themselves experienced internet marketers.

    There is almost no way that someone in the affiliate marketing niche will not enjoy this product because it certainly over delivered. Now as I said before if you have been in the affiliate marketing niche for a while there may be times where you are going to get bored of learning some of the concepts that you already know, but he mixes it up enough with how to take those concepts and actually put them into action so that you can start making consistent money that I think you will easily be able to overlook it. Not only does he show you what to do right he teaches you about the mistakes that he has made along the way to his success so that you don’t have to make them yourself. One more recommendation is that if you do get this product then make sure to have a pen and notebook by your side so that you can take notes because you are going to learn quite a bit from My Millionaire Mentor 2011.

  • Detailed Review of Mike Long and Kelly Felix Bring The Fresh

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    Mike Long and Kelly Felix

    If you are reading this most likely you are either interested in making money online or you have already begun your journey into internet marketing. More likely than not you have also heard of Kelly Felix and Mike Long who are two very successful online marketers who created Bring the Fresh. Mike Long has long been associated with Stompernet and Kelly Felix is best known as the character he created known as the Rich Jerk.

    Now if you are like me you have read the excellent copy of a website telling you that their offer will soon be expiring and that prices will soon be rising or that they are going to take the website down sometime within the next 24 hours in order to scare you into buying right then and there. So when I heard about Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s new website I was excited to see what they were offering and I mentally prepared myself to try and not be impulsive when I got to their site and make a purchase based purely off of their copy.

    So when I got to the website I was a little bit shocked to say the least. There was no scare tactic at all they said that the offer to join their site was still going to be there whether you wanted to make your purchase now or at a later date. They even made the offer that if you wanted to buy the BASIC Membership for $97 and then upgrade to the FULL DISCLOSURE at a later date for $200 more you could do that as well.

    It almost confused me after seeing time and time again the scare tactic of this is going to be available at this price for a limited time or the we are only going to be offering this product to the next 7 people and then you will never see this opportunity again crap. Instead these guys two of the most successful internet marketers were actually going against everything I had been taught about marketing and saying take your time in making this purchase we know it is a big decision we will still be right here when you are ready.

    Honestly I was a little nervous about making the $297 purchase but the more I read the copy and what seems to be a more humble and generous outlook on how to approach their potential customers I couldn’t help but make the purchase but to be on the safe side after having made one to many impulsive purchases I opted for the $97 package and figured if I liked it I would upgrade later.

    So amazingly after I make my purchase and log into the Membership Area the first thing I see is them telling me that basically they didn’t want to just make the sale and then have my email in their mailing list so that they could continue emailing offers to me from some of the other gurus that they are affiliated with. Instead they listed their Yahoo Group and gave me their email and stated that they wanted to hear feedback so that they can continue to provide as much help as possible. (Please Note they now have their own Bring The Fresh Forum which is even better than their original Yahoo Group.)

    Here is where I was blown away they actually listed both of their personal cell phone numbers and said that to make sure and text them first before calling to assure that they could be available to talk. They then said please don’t abuse it. Which I certainly hope people don’t so that option will still be there for those that need help. This alone to me is priceless and I am sure anyone who has bought either a useless product or an effective but complex one and you wanted to either call the creator of the product up and tell them how crappy it was or ask them some advice on how to best use it etc.

    I then skimmed through all of the videos and was I have to admit pleasantly overwhelmed with all of the excellent material. Now I would like to go through in detail of all that it includes but this article would be way to long. But instead I will highlight all of the features that I really like but trust me there is much more to the membership than what I am writing about.

    They include in the Basic Package

    Bring The Fresh Forum- You can actually have your questions answered by Mike Long and Kelly Felix in this forum, not to mention that there is a wide range of topics covered and a lot of forum members that you can form Joint Ventures with and get help from.  Many years ago the Rich Jerk forum was the place to be and somehow Kelly Felix and Mike Long were able to recreate that amazing experience at the Bring the Fresh Forum.

    A Fast Start Guide in PDF format that is filled with only helpful and insightful tips no fluff at all. (This guide is continually updated with new tips on a regular basis, which is very helpful since they are continually updating with new ways to improve your internet marketing skills.)

    Video after video filled with watching them do internet marketing or interview that will give you insight into

    Meta strategy

    Discussing their past successful sites in detail that they created

    Deal making,


    How they work

    How to use testimonials


    Google adwords

    Sales letters and as I said before there is way more but I think you get the point it is loaded with a lot of helpful content.

    The upgrade for the FULL DISCLOSURE PACKAGE has many features as well.

    This once again is just a sample of what it includes:

    Behind the scenes footage of Kelly’s SEO business

    Behind the scenes of 2 of Mike Longs 7 figure information marketing businesses

    Email Marketing

    Youtube Video Marketing

    And a ton of BONUS unannounced video’s

    In both package the video’s give the feel as if you were sitting in the room with two of your successful internet marketing friends and they were teaching all of their knowledge. What is wonderful is once again they give you their email and cell numbers and treat you the customer as if you are their friend it is amazing.

    There is not a doubt in my mind that their Bring the Fresh concept is brilliant and the future of this industry as more and more customers are getting tired of over hyped and under delivered products from the marketing gurus. This goes for the crappy copy and pasted recommendations that the marketing gurus we trust send to our inbox.

    After buying this and using it effectively I can say I trust these two with their future recommendations and products. I must say that I was initially skeptical that they were just putting on an act to make sales. But they over delivered on their product. I don’t care whether or not you are a newbie or a veteran of online marketing you will get more than your moneys worth.

    So if you had been wondering if Bring the Fresh is a scam and holding off on making your purchase then don’t hold off any longer and not because they are going to be taking their offer away but instead because you will be delaying your learning of how to be a better internet marketer. If you are still somewhat skeptical I encourage you to try the Basic Membership package and see for yourself with their 60 day money back guarantee and then upgrade when you feel comfortable.   For Bring the Fresh click HERE

  • 24 Hour Internet Business Review

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    Ewen Chia 24 Hour Internet Business Review

    I have long been impressed with almost all of Ewen Chia’s products that he has put on the market. Note this is not always the case but for the most part he will usually give you your money’s worth. Even his book How I Made My First Million on the Internet more than fulfilled my expectations. So I usually like to review his products because that means more often than not I get my money’s worth and I am also able to give a good review. There is nothing worse than spending money on a over hyped and worthless product. The only good feeling I get is when I write a review warning others to stay away from it. So that they do not throw away their hard earned money. So read on and see whether or not his recent product The 24 Hour Internet Business is a SCAM or LEGIT internet money making opportunity.

    I came across Ewen Chia’s 24 Hour Internet Business site the other day and immediately signed up for his FREE ebook The Real Secrets to a Profitable Internet Business that I think anyone who is trying to make money on the internet will find helpful as it will show you what the core principles to starting a profitable internet business are.

    After I read the ebook I went back to his site to see what his 24 Hour Internet Business product was all about and the first thing that got my attention was the price of the product. It was only $27 which is fairly low for all that he was offering which was 13 Video’s that walk you through step by step on everything that you will need to do to easily and quicly set up a inexpensive and profitable site somewhere in the range of $25 to $50. He also included the bold claim that you should be able to start making money within 24 hours.

    A BONUS ebook titled Profitable Niches Exposed. This ebook contains 100 profitable niches with a lot of the research done for each niche. For every niche there is:

    1. A Buyer Profile
    2. The main problems the BUYERS in the niche need solved
    3. What products to sell them so that you know exactly what you should be focusing on to promote to them.

    Ewen Chia also gives you a 60 day money back guarantee. Now all of that I thought was fairly cheap for only $27 so I quickly bought it and as soon as I got to the Members Area my jaw dropped. I scrolled down the page to kind of skim over everything in the Members Area and to my surprise he had also included not ONE but TWO UNANNOUNCED BONUSES the FIRST UNANNOUNCED BONUS was called Video Marketing Secrets this bonus included a PDF Video Marketing Guide and 14 video’s on how to do Video Marketing.

    SECOND UNANNOUNCED BONUS was called Article Marketing Explosion this bonus included a PDF Article Marketing Guide and 24 videos on Article Marketing.

    So as I mentioned before my jaw literally dropped not only because I was excited about the bonuses but I also could not figure out and still cannot figure out why Ewen never mentioned these bonuses on his site to begin with. As I am sure that visitors to the site having knowledge about these bonuses would increase his sales especially at the price of $27.

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