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  • 24 Hour Internet Business Review

    Posted on December 30th, 2010 Tim No comments

    Ewen Chia 24 Hour Internet Business Review

    I have long been impressed with almost all of Ewen Chia’s products that he has put on the market. Note this is not always the case but for the most part he will usually give you your money’s worth. Even his book How I Made My First Million on the Internet more than fulfilled my expectations. So I usually like to review his products because that means more often than not I get my money’s worth and I am also able to give a good review. There is nothing worse than spending money on a over hyped and worthless product. The only good feeling I get is when I write a review warning others to stay away from it. So that they do not throw away their hard earned money. So read on and see whether or not his recent product The 24 Hour Internet Business is a SCAM or LEGIT internet money making opportunity.

    I came across Ewen Chia’s 24 Hour Internet Business site the other day and immediately signed up for his FREE ebook The Real Secrets to a Profitable Internet Business that I think anyone who is trying to make money on the internet will find helpful as it will show you what the core principles to starting a profitable internet business are.

    After I read the ebook I went back to his site to see what his 24 Hour Internet Business product was all about and the first thing that got my attention was the price of the product. It was only $27 which is fairly low for all that he was offering which was 13 Video’s that walk you through step by step on everything that you will need to do to easily and quicly set up a inexpensive and profitable site somewhere in the range of $25 to $50. He also included the bold claim that you should be able to start making money within 24 hours.

    A BONUS ebook titled Profitable Niches Exposed. This ebook contains 100 profitable niches with a lot of the research done for each niche. For every niche there is:

    1. A Buyer Profile
    2. The main problems the BUYERS in the niche need solved
    3. What products to sell them so that you know exactly what you should be focusing on to promote to them.

    Ewen Chia also gives you a 60 day money back guarantee. Now all of that I thought was fairly cheap for only $27 so I quickly bought it and as soon as I got to the Members Area my jaw dropped. I scrolled down the page to kind of skim over everything in the Members Area and to my surprise he had also included not ONE but TWO UNANNOUNCED BONUSES the FIRST UNANNOUNCED BONUS was called Video Marketing Secrets this bonus included a PDF Video Marketing Guide and 14 video’s on how to do Video Marketing.

    SECOND UNANNOUNCED BONUS was called Article Marketing Explosion this bonus included a PDF Article Marketing Guide and 24 videos on Article Marketing.

    So as I mentioned before my jaw literally dropped not only because I was excited about the bonuses but I also could not figure out and still cannot figure out why Ewen never mentioned these bonuses on his site to begin with. As I am sure that visitors to the site having knowledge about these bonuses would increase his sales especially at the price of $27.

    I then got to watching the 13 videos on how to set up a site and how to start making money within 24 hours. The nice thing about these video’s is that they are not very long at all. They tend to be somewhere within the 10 to 13 minute range with the longest being somewhere around 20 minutes. This however does not mean they are not packed with easy to use but very effective ways to get a clean, nice, and profitable site set up.

    The videos are good whether you are just getting started in affiliate marketing or have been doing it for a long time. It feels like you are looking over their shoulder as they do it and explain exactly how and why they are doing it. Here are the titles of the video’s

    1. An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing
    2. Keyword Research
    3. Domain Name and Hosting
    4. Creating Your Blog
    5. Blog Setup Continued
    6. Adding Content To Your Blog
    7. Set Up Your Auto Responder
    8. Get Your Blog Indexed By Google
    9. Blog Promotion Article Marketing
    10. Blog Promotion Video Marketing
    11. Blog Promotion Yahoo Answers
    12. Blog Promotion Google Adwords
    13. Conclusion

    Now as if all of these videos were not enough Ewen then threw in two additional UPDATE VIDEOS.

    Update Video Auto Blogging: This video shows you exactly how to easily find content that is in the same niche as yours and get it auto posted to your blog without you having to do anything else other than the initial setup. This is nice for two reasons 1. One of the first things I hear people say when you suggest that they try to make money with a blog is that they do not think they will be able to keep it filled with content. Well now they have a way to do it. 2. Even if you are able to keep it updated and filled with content you can include even more content for all of your visitors. I have never heard a visitor complain about the site having to much posted. It is usually the other way around.

    Update Video Money Plugins: This video shows you some plugins you can use that will help you monetize your blog even more. Think about it you really cannot have to many sources of making money on your website. If you don’t make money with your affiliate links you can make money with one of these plugins that they show you how to easily setup.
    BONUS: 100 Profitable Niches Exposed

    If you are having any trouble trying to think of a niche that you would like to start making money in then this is definitely for you. It has as the title says 100 niches that are profitable. All you have to do is choose one that interest you. After doing that he has already listed all of the problems the customers in that particular market are having and exactly how you can meet their needs and start making money. Very nice.

    Unannounced Bonus: Video Marketing Secrets

    Between the PDF Video Marketing Guide and the actual videos themselves you are going to get an even better idea of how this works

    Unannounced Bonus: Article Marketing Explosion

    As I stated before on the video marketing Ewen gives you not only the PDF Article Marketing guide but a ton of videos that help you get a thorough understanding of how to do article marketing. As I also stated earlier in the article I am not quite sure why he would not have promoted that he has included both of these bonuses. Which does make me wonder whether or not he will continue to offer them in the future. But as of now he still has them available in the Members Area.

    CONCLUSION: I was more than impressed with all that Ewen Chia offered especially with all of the Updates and Bonuses that he has included but didn’t even mention on the copy of his website. Then again Ewen Chia rarely has disappointed me with his products. I can’t express enough of how wonderful of a deal this really is. I recommend that anyone who would like to make money in affiliate marketing to purchase this product. I would like to note that while he states you should be able to start making money within the first 24 hours which is certainly possible. I think it is most likely that you could realistically start making money within about 24 to 72 hours instead which still really is pretty impressive when you think about it. Whether you are making money already on your site or with other methods than affiliate marketing you will be able to earn even more money and also get even more traffic to you website after using this product. So here is my conclusion this is an amazing internet money making opportunity so BUY IT you will not be disappointed.

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